Delivery in Kyiv  is carried out within three working days from Monday to Friday during working hours until 6:00 PM. The courier calls in advance on the delivery day. The cost of courier delivery in Kiyv is 40 UAH.

Please make sure to provide the phone number and address carefully, in details so that the courier delivers your tickets on time (metro station, land transport, street, house, building, intercom code, floor, apartment). Please indicate the internal phone number, the name of the organization and the number of the office if the delivery is ordered to the office

Delivery of tickets in Ukraine is carried out only after 100 % advanced payment by the company "Nova Poshta". The cost of delivery is 40 UAH. The customer pays for delivery while paying for the tickets.

If you want to collect tickets at the ticket office (and this way of delievery is available for a particular event), pay attention to the following conditions: 

Orders issued at weekdays (weekend’s orders are processed on Monday) before  12:00, can be collected on the same day at the checkout after 15:00 (3 PM).

Orders issued at weekdays  after 12:00, can be picked up next day from 15:00 (3 PM) to 20:00 (8 PM). 
The tickets at the ticket office are reserved for 2 days (including the day of order). 
The ticket office  works without days off from 10:00 to 20:00. 
Location of the ticket office : Underground walkway  near the metro station of Lev Tolstoy (044 235 71 17; 067 460 26 62).

A unique bar code at the ticket can only be used once. Do not copy your ticket and do not publish it on the Internet. This can be an obstacle to your entrance to the concert. The personal barcode data storing is the responsibility is of the Buyer. 
The owner of the electronic ticket must prevent copying or unauthorized access to the information, since the right to get to the venuehas the one who showed the ticket during the control procedure first.