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«Зараз чи ніколи! Для самих-самих справжніх фанів, які вже придбали квиток на концерт групи Scorpions 11.11.17 р.!

У вас є унікальна можливість потрапити за куліси та сфотографуватися з групою Scorpions, придбавши квиток «VIP пакет».

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Ø Meet&greet з  групою Scorpions (одне групове фото для усіх учасників VIP пакета);

Ø  Екскурсія по бекстейджу;

Ø  Футболка Scorpions;

Ø  Автографи на Вашій платівці групи Scorpions;

Ø  Афіші концерту Scorpions 11.11.17 р.   з автографами групи Scorpions.

Квиток «VIP пакет» не дає права на вхід у глядацьку залу і дійсний тільки при наявності квитка на концерт групи Scorpions 11.11.17 р.

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«Тільки для фанів, які вже придбали або бажають придбати квиток концерт групи Scorpions 11.11.17 р. у Фан-зону 1!!!

У Вас є унікальна можливість придбати квиток на ранній вхід у фан-зону 1 та бути першими, хто потрапить на концерт улюбленої групи!

Квиток «Ранній вхід» не дає права на вхід без квитка на концерт групи Scorpions 11.11.17 р. і дійсний тільки при наявності квитка у Фан-зону 1.

Вхід на концерт по квитках «Ранній вхід» через 1-й тамбур з 16:30 до 17:00 без запізнень!!! 

Concert of Scorpions in Kiev. Palace of Sports.

In November rock fans expect a spectacular show of Scorpions in Kiev! German band Scorpions has been electrifying audiences since the early ‘70s with their signature hard-rocking melodic metal and power ballads. Hard creative way to recognition and gain in popularity tempered the participants, and today they have millions of admirers on all continents and continue to gather full houses on each of their concerts. Do not miss the opportunity to buy tickets and get to the concert of Scorpions in Kiev!

 Performance of the cult band will be held on November 11, 2017 at the Palace of Sports.

 You will hear popular hits: «Still Loving You», «Send Me an Angel», «Wind of Change», which do not have age and are the hallmark of the band. Despite the age of the band, the musicians are full of inspiration and enthusiasm. Fans who bought tickets say:

 “What a blistering, incredible and energetic concert the Scorpions put on tonight. Wailing guitar riffs and solos, thundering rhythms, and of course Klaus Meine's signature, crystal clear, high tenor voice soaring across the arena…Tonight the teenage boy in me returned for one last concert with my favorite band ever.”

“The Scorps sounded AWESOME and the energy was AWESOME. They were having so much fun on stage and it showed…They were very interactive with their fans by throwing guitar picks and drumsticks whenever they had the chance!”

“This band still sounds amazing, and their body of work is awesome…They put on a great show as always and I would love to see them again!”

Charge of unrestrained energy, positive emotions, bright show with powerful rock music and special effects – you will be able to enjoy all of this very soon on a one night only concert of Scorpions in Kiev.

 Scorpions are one of the most successful European bands in music history, having sold over 100 million albums worldwide. Formed in 1965, their early hard rock albums gained attention in Europe and Japan, but it wasn’t until they dropped more radio-friendly albums like 1982's Blackout and 1984's Love At First Sting that they found international fame. Over the years the band has developed a reputation for being an outstanding live act, with Klaus Meine delivering some of the most pitch-perfect live vocals in the history of rock.

Witness tough action, feel the endless strength and power in the songs of the hard rock monsters - Scorpions! Buy tickets for the concert of Scorpions in Kiev now, because they are selling fast. It is worth to recall the band’s performance in Ukraine in 2016 has collected a full house of fans and had a huge pother. 

Hurry up to buy tickets for Scorpions in Kiev - do not miss the chance to hear hits that conquered the hearts of the millions, and get tons of positive emotions!

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