About Us

The concert agency "Anshlag" has been successfully working in the field of show business for many years. The main activity of the company is the organization of concerts and tours of Ukrainian and foreign performers. We are 20 years with you.

Tickets can be purchased by:

  • ordering on the web-site;
  • ordering through the call-center +380 (44) 28-77777;
  • redeeming at the cashier by prior order;

Write to us: admin@anshlag.com.ua

Among the concerts we promoted :

STING (Great Britain) (Palace of Sports 06.10.2017 г.)

DEPECHE MODE (Great Britain) (NSC «Olimpiyskiy» 19.07.2017 г.)

DEPECHE MODE (Great Britain) (Palace of Sports 08.02.2010 г.)

DEPECHE MODE (Great Britain) (NSC «Olimpiyskiy» 29.06.2013 г.)

SCORPIONS (Germany) (Palace of Sports 11.11.2017 г.)

SCORPIONS (Germany) ( Palace of Sports 19.02.2016 г.)

The Prodigy (Great Britain) (Palace of Sports 12.04.2016 г.)

The Prodigy (Great Britain) (Palace of Sports 04.06.2013 г.)

OKEAN ELZY (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 06.10 и 07.10.2011 г., Palace of Sports 18.02.2012 г.)

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk «Vnochi» (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 06.03 и 11.04.2009 г.)

DAVID GARRETT (USA/Germany) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 16.12 и 18.12.2016

Seal (Great Britain) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 23.11.2012 г.)

A-ha (Norway) (International Exhibition Centre 04.11.2010 г.)

Christina Aguilera (USA) (Palace of Sports 19.10.2008 г., National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 20.10.2008 г.)

Toto Cutugno (Italy) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 23.11.2007 г., 21.11.2008 г., 19.11.2009 г., 19.11.2010 г., 19.11.2011 г., 15.12.2012 г.)

Montserrat Caballe (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 11.11.2011 г.)

Cesaria Evora (Cape Verde) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 04.04.2009 г., 21.03.2010 г.)

Valeriy Meladze (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 30.03.2007 г., 28.03 и 29.03.2008 г., 27.03.2009 г., 26.03 и 27.03.2010 г., 19.03 и 26.10.2011 г., 08.11 и 09.11.2012 г., 01.11 и 02.11.2013 г.)

Valeriy and Constantine Meladze (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 30-31.10.2015г.; 28-29.10.2016г.)

Dmitry Hvorostovsky (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina»16.12.2011 г., 30.01.2013 г.)

Demis Roussos (Greece) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 08.03.2012 г.)

Lara Fabian (Belgium) и Igor Krutoy (Russia) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 28.10 и 29.10.2010 г.)

DDT (Russia) (Palace of Sports 13.11.2005 г., 18.03.2011 г., 22.02.2012 г., National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 05.06.2013 г.)

Yana Salenko and the stars of world ballet (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 21.10.2017 г.)


Tony Braxton (USA) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 12.12.2010),

Whitesnake (Great Britain) (Palace of Sports 07.12.2008),

Lord of the Dance (Ireland) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 01.04 and 02.04.2011, 18.04 and 19.04.2013),

Alessandro Safina (Italy) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina»  October 29, 2013),

«VIVA! The most beautiful "( National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 2005),

Thomas Anders (Germany) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 03/09/2013, April 30, 2014, March 11, 2015),

Rasmus (Finland) (Palace of Sports June 18, 2006),

Apocalyptica (Finland) (Palace of Sports 12.11.2005),

Helloween (Germany) (Palace of Sports October 27, 2006),

Crazy Horse (France) (Operetta Theater 10 shows 09 -12.02.2012, 11 shows 13 -17.02.2013),

Electric Orchestra. Part II / Orchestra (USA) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» October 6, 2007, November 14, 2011),

Constantine Meladze (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» November 04, 2008),

Valery and Konstantin Meladze with the program "Polsta" (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» 30-31.10.2015, 28-29.10.2016),

Olya Polyakova (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» November 19, 2016 and March 24, 2017),,

VIA GRA. Anniversary concert (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» November 6, 2010),

St. Valentine’s Day concert (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» February 14, 2007, February 14, 2008, February 14, 2009, February 14, 2011),

Ilya Reznik Anniversary concert (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina»  May 18, 2008),

Max Barskikh (Stereoplaze  November 20, 2015),

Irina Bilyk (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina»   21.11 and 22.11.2007, 07.11 and 08.11.2008),

National Honoured Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named . P. P. Virsky (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina»  February 14, 2012, February 14, 2013),

Yury Antonov (Russia) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina»  12.03 and 13.03.2007, 17.10.2009, 21.10 and 22.10.2010),

Yury Shevchuk "Solnik" (Russia) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina»   on 18.03.2011, the I.Franko Theater February 24, 2012),

Teletriumf (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina» on August 23, 2006),

"Stars on the ice" (Palace of Sports 2007),

Evgeni Plushenko and Edwin Marton "The Golden Ice of Stradivarius" (Palace of Sports on March 27, 2008)

Accept (Germany) (Stereoplaze 13.11.2012, 05.12.2013),

Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode) -Fletch DJ Set (Great Britain) (Crystal Hall 05.02.2011),

"Factory of stars 3" (Palace of Sports  26.12 and 27.12.2009),

Francis Goya (Belgium) (Officers' House 02.12.2007),

The rhythm of dance (Ireland) (National Palace of Arts «Ukraina»  on November 24, 2011),

Children's New Year's performances on the ice:

The Snow Queen (Dmitri Dmitrenko Theater) (Kyiv Palace of Sports 28-30.12.2017 - 8 performances),

The Nutcracker (Dmitri Dmitrenko Theater) (Kyiv Palace of Sports 02-05.01.2016 - 12 performances, 02-05.01.2017 - 12 performances),

Czech ballet on ice "Cinderella", Theater of ice miniatures by the guidance of Igor Bobrin, Riga ballet on ice, Dnepropetrovsk children's theater - ballet on ice "Crystal" (Palace of Sports, 2001 - 2015, 254 show).

And others ...